97% of enterprise companies were detected with suspicious network activity. Is your company one of these?

Network comprises the backbone of an organization through which all the data keeps transmitting. Hence, it is a critical aspect to secure your components as well as systems and servers in your network and assure data privacy and its availability and integrity.

Network Penetration Testing Steps

The Vulnerability Assessment will help the organization to be aware and gain knowledge about the risk and threats based on the environment while Penetration test will attempt to break through the vulnerabilities found and determine any possibility of malicious activities or unauthorized access.

In this context, network testing must address how to determine the correctness of a collection of tested network components, combined in any of a range of configurations.

This is but limited to the scope of technical IPs included in the entire network.

Our experts differentiate and suggest assessment methodologies and processes based on the business requirements and network architecture.

Stages of Network Penetration Testing

Discovery – Discovery of Host is done by various methods. Then different ports are scanned for any vulnerabilities.

Assessment – Vulnerability assessment through service fingerprinting. Then the vulnerabilities are research and checked through cross referencing./b> – Discovery of Host is done by various methods. Then different ports are scanned for any vulnerabilities.

Exploration – This step is formulated to totally create a hacker like situation and to resolve it. The possible attacks and attack vectors used and to show how the system is lacking therequired strength.

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Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Scope

  • Information gathering
    • Identify live host
    • Identify OS type
  • Perform vulnerability scanning
    • DoS services
    • Web scan services
    • SSL scans on all ports
    • TCP UDP scans
  • Audit SSL
    • Self-signed certificate
    • SSL version 2 and 3 detection
    • Weak hashing algorithm
    • Use of RC4 and CBC ciphers
    • Logjam issue
    • Sweet32 issue
    • Certificate expiry
    • Openssl Change Cipher Sec issue
    • POODLE vulnerability
    • Openssl heartbleed issue

  • Perform fingerprinting
    • Identify hosts and footprint
  • Find insecure databases and components
  • Network port scanning
  • Exploit vulnerabilities
  • Find insecure services
  • Hunting Common ports
    • DNS (53) UDP, SMTP (25) TCP
    • SNMP (161) UDP, SSH (22) TCP
    • Cisco VPN (500) UDP
    • SMB (445,137,139) TCP
    • FTP (21) TCP
    • Telnet (23) TCP
    • RPC (111) TCP/UDP
    • NTP (123) UDP
    • HTTP/HTTPs - (443,80,8080,8443) TCP
    • SQL Server (1433,1434, 3306) TCP
    • Oracle (1521) TCP

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Why Network Pen-testing? / Scope

The goal of testing is to find faults in the network to correct them. The network testing problem is important because networks are hard to build correctly, and even networks that appear to work most of the time may have subtle bugs that require intermittent action.

The network testing problem is especially hard because networks are dynamic.  The component network elements change.  The configuration of a given network element may also change. The connectivity of the network may change because components enter and leave; it may also change because of failures.

In this context, network testing must address how to determine the correctness of a collection of tested network components, combined in any of a range of configurations.

Network VAPT process

Network VAPT Process

How is IP/Network pentesting different from IT security Audit ?

IP (Network) Pen-Testing

Types of Pen Testing

In IT infrastructure audits, detailed analysis of the current architecture, internal security of system components, current policies and other infrastructure related parameters are considered and performed by using a phased approach for overall information security of the organization.


What are the things I need to provide you for starting my Network VAPT assignment?

Our executive will provide you an Questionnaire, which asks some details of your network like IPs, Server details etc. These details you need to provide in order to start the assignment.

What is the difference between Network VAPT and Infrastructure (Network) Audit ?

Network VAPT is the process of finding vulnerabilities and pen-testing the Network from the given set of IPs. Network Audit comprises of audit of all network components, security policies, end point hardwares and other network infrastructures which will help assess your risk and ensure security measures.

Does Invesics have certain certification which are required?

Yes, Invesics is an ISO 27001 certified Company. Resources who will work on the assignments are CEH certified. Security Lead at Invesics is a double graduate having Masters degree in Cyber Security and Incident Response. ( )

How can I make sure my details and application data will be in a safe hand?

INVESICS is ISO 27001 certified company and hence we have all the compliance applies to handle your data privacy. Further, you will get digitally signed NDA before starting the assignment, this NDA is legally valid.

I have multiple office locations. How is testing performed on my Network?

In case of VAPT, you need to provide entire IP range for each location. In Network audit, you need to provide network diagrams depending on the locations.

What am I supposed to do if I have extra requirements on my project?

You can convey that to you account manager, he will be there 24*7 to assist you. If your extra requirements does not fall under your selected plan, you will be given estimate for the extra work.

What am I supposed to do if I am not interested to work with Invesics, after doing the payment?

You can cancel the project anytime before signing NDA and you will get your money back. For more clarity, you can refer our refund policy here.

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