• Web Application, Mobile Application, Network corporate Pentesting
    Secure your Web Application - Mobile Application
    Corporate Pentesting
    Mannual VAPT Techniques - finding #Bugs - that tools can't.
  • Network Auditing and Pentesting
    Network and Firewall Auditing
    Network Auditing
    Protect your network from Insiders & Outsiders
  • SCADA System Security INDIA
    Rare value-edition in the industry
  • IoT System Security INDIA
    Rare value-edition in the industry

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Invesics Security Services

The Company

Invesics presents to you not only the security services but also helps you identify the correct path to go forward with your concerns through one to one consultations as per the individual or organizational needs.

Along with the digital forensic services and we are proven to give a best counselling to the cyber fraud victims to go further with the legal procedures where and when needed.

We aim to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of the customer’s data without letting them feel insecure during the course of projects with all possible transparencies needed and agreed upon.

We are keen to help!

We concentrate on Web App Security Mobile App Security Network Security of your digital business

We help identifying risks in your Application that protects you from “Hackers” “Reputational loss” “Defamation” “Business loss” “Data Leakage”

Our Services

Web Application and Mobile Application Pentesting

Web - Mobile Pentesting

Web Application and Mobile Application Penetration Testing are the key areas where Invesics has served Security testing as a key service.

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Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review is the process where we manualy review the code to detect potential loopholes exist in the code.

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Secure Coding & Development

Secure coding is the practice where our trained developers are taking care of security aspects from first line of code itself.

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Network Auditing

We audit and assess IT Networks for design, Security and Scalability. We provide ISO27001, HIPPA, PCI-DSS certification.

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Manual Testing = Tool based testing + Expert human brains

Finding bugs that tools can't.

Latest Projects

VA-PT of Online Parcel Delivery Portal

Fastest growing parcel delivery and parcel booking platform having thousands of live customers and 100s of daily parcel bookings faced issue of Customer Data leakage. The test was to provide in-depth Security Testing to find and fix all possible Security vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Attack Investigation for Casino Portal

After it's database was hacked and screenshots were sent to owner containing all other portals as well that are hosted on same server. We were contacted by Development Company to identify how it was happened.

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