Why Cyber-Security needs to be ‎a priority in Finance?

Cyberattacks ‎are on the rise and so are the costs associated with breaches. As an industry, finance has been ‎historically slow to ‎move away from legacy technologies. Now there’s a greater need to digitally ‎transform their processes and their cybersecurity strategy along with them. The statistics below don’t bode well ‎for the sector, but each can be addressed ‎in a modern way that strengthens cybersecurity and modernizes their practices.

Business Risk

Why Industry is a target for cybercrime

Most ‎criminals target ‎financial firms simply‎ because that's where the money is. Despite major efforts to protect themselves against ever-more-numerous ‎and sophisticated attacks, businesses in this sector need to keep their guard up.

‎Cybersecurity in Finance is a priority.‎

If delayed can ‎become a liability.

Technical Threats

How Industry Is Targeted

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Experts Tips

Top tips for securing Finance Domain

Have a ‎clear business plan, Monitor your financial ‎position, Ensure customers pay you on time, Know ‎your day-to-day costs, ‎Keep up-to-date accounting ‎records.

Meet tax deadlines‎, Become ‎more efficient and control overheads, Control stock, ‎Get the right funding, Tackle problems when they‎ arise.

Make your finance domain cyber attack free

There are several ways to‎ minimize the risk of getting hacked.