Why Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for the E-commerce Sector ?

Cyber security is ‎essential for e-commerce because cyber attacks can result in loss of revenue, of data and ‎ of overall viability for ‎ businesses.

Cyber criminals use advanced tactics to steal information from businesses. With e-commerce, ‎it’s not just your data that you’re protecting; ‎it’s your customers’ data that you need to be careful with.

A breach in your ‎cyber security systems could mean the loss of your customer’s ‎information. And that could cost your ‎ business the trust and reputation that you’ve worked to build up.

Business Risk

Why Industry is a target for cybercrime

With the new mode of Business activities, e.g. banking, retail etc. that is depends upon electronic media, internet is like a candy for the cyber-criminals. Companies which are moving towards online business are excited about their growth and on another side worry about security. Their all information and money are on risk of cyber-crime.

‎Cybersecurity in E-commerce is a priority.‎

If delayed can ‎become a liability.

Technical Threats

How Industry Is Targeted

It is a ‎type of attacks which gives an attacker to unauthorized access to a system ‎ by bypasses the normal authentication mechanisms. It works in the ‎background and hides ‎itself from the user that makes it difficult ‎to detect and remove.

The challenges Industry is facing

The main hindrance ‎in the growth of e-commerce ‎is cyber fraud and identity theft. Hackers are people who carry out the cybercrime; hence, poor ‎security on e-Commerce web servers ‎and use of the computer is a core issue to be resolved for the rapid growth of ‎e-commerce.

Experts Tips

Top tips for securing E-commerce Domain

Keep computer OS updated

Computer software must be updated regularly as the flaws in the software are continuously monitored Use Antivirus: A good quality antivirus can help to prevent cyber-attacks, antivirus can block the malwares that may be used to theft the information from the pc. Antivirus should be updated to ensure the reliability.

Cyber-crimes can be controlled by mutual cooperation of organizations and internet users. Organizations, govt. should provide the safety and technical support to prevent the cybercrimes. Internet user also have to take some precaution to not fall in trap and be the victim of this electronic frauds. Its mutual responsibility of user, govt. and organizations engaged in ecommerce to fight against such crimes.

Use Secured Networks

Always use the secured internet connection. Public Wi-Fi spots are vulnerable to intrusion Shop only through trusted sites: Today most people are preferring the online shopping. Hundreds of websites are present. Criminal may create such websites, as on these websites people will give their personal information and bank related information. So one should go through only trusted websites for shopping without being trapped in lucrative offers from fraud websites.

Different passwords for different websites

If hackers crack your one password they may crack all others if you are using same or similar password for all. So use different t password d for all websites. However it is more complex to remember all passwords but it will add the safety layer too.

Don’t save the card details or bank details on websites

Do not store the card no either debit or credit on the shopping websites. Hackers may enter the security chain of the servers of shopping websites and can take the details of the customers. So it’s better to give some extra time to enter card no every time for safety purpose.

Don’t open the award / lottery promising emails

Criminal trap the people by sending them the mails promising lottery or award, they ask people to give their information including the bank account no etc. Even some time people are asked to deposit some money as participation fee. More over these websites may be infected with virus or malware which can damage your PC or accounts.

Don’t Share your passwords

Do not share any password to anyone it should be used confidentially. Also do not save your password on pc or any websites. Change passwords frequently: Don’t use a single password for a long time, change your email id, bank account, credit-debit card passwords frequently.

Precaution by Organizations and Govt. Bank & IT

Banks should focus on developing own IT wings rather than focusing only to increase their business & dependency on other’s IT framework for their business. It will give more security to banking.

E-commerce Websites

There must be verification of the sellers before adding them on the websites. Customer’s order must be cross checked for the genuine customer and genuine product as well.

Strong Laws, Rules and regulation

Govt. has taken initiative to fight against the cyber-crime. Framing of strong laws and regulation can help in reducing the cyber-crimes.

Is your E-commerce website secured?

Spend more time growing your business & less time worrying about security.