About Us

Invesics, with the proven history of providing overall outlook to your concerns of Digital Safety are available for hire in a wide range of disciplines of Securing, developing and supporting your Cyber space.

Invesics is established with a view of creating a dent in the Cyber World by implying thought process and welcoming all the innovative minds to contribute within the field of Forensics and Security. We as an organization too, contribute into training our fellow members as well as are happy to accept the training service offers for targeted audiences.

Our team is enriched with expertise into wide variety of domains spanning across cyber security, digital forensics & investigation, security audits, secure development and ethical hacking into the "cyber space".

Founder’s Vision

We believe in giving back to the community and the environment. We ‎recognize that the resources we use for our development are derived from ‎society and the environment. INVESICS is a growing enterprise and it is ‎our intention to grow over time. Our company's expansion is not a one-‎track goal. We plan to channel our company's growth into environmentally ‎and socially benevolent initiatives‎. VIEW MORE

We Make Businesses Secure

Based in Gujarat, India, Invesics is home to some of the brightest minds from the cyber security domain, from across the country. Since our inception, we’ve catered to hundreds of clients across the globe and have helped strengthen their platforms and business environment against cyber-crime and hackers.

We are empowered by a passionate and diligent team of Ethical Hackers with certifications from the EC Council, OPSEC and 210W-01 to 210W-10 Cyber Security for Industrial Control System series.

Along with a holistic focus on helping you make your business more secure.

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Why businesses prefer us?

Detailed Understanding

In addition to securing your online business, we also give you a thorough and detailed understanding of all the processes at every step of the way.

Accurate Milestones

Our process states well-mapped milestones and deliverables, such that it occupies the least amount of your attention and does not hamper your day-to-day business functions.

Best-in-town Efficiency

With our cumulative experience and knowledge, we are amongst world’s leading cyber security experts.

Seamless Support

The completion of our project is the beginning of a value driven relationship. For any query or support related to your business’s cyber security, we will always be available.

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