Companies face security misconfigurations while switching from secured office perimeter ‎to remote work which leads to many misconfigurations.

During Covid times have you suffered from a same problem ?‎

It is time to get your ‎firewall configurations audited from a security expert.

Firewalls are an essential part of network security. Firewalls set a security perimeter. This ‎is the reason organizations spend a massive amount on security and firewalls. The ‎biggest nightmare of any organization is a data breach with exposed information which is ‎an example of firewall misconfiguration.‎

Network Penetration Testing Steps

Why INVESICS takes it seriously ?‎

‎ Firewall configuration matters in security

Firewall testing typically presents the most straightforward and compelling proof of the ‎efficacy of a firewall if done correctly. Understanding that a firewall will survive the same ‎threats that network attackers currently use creates a strong degree of faith in the ‎firewall. Failing to withstand those attacks exposes unique security exposures in the ‎firewall to remedy them. ‎

Another beneficial result of firewall testing is to discover and correct these vulnerabilities ‎before hackers find them.‎

‎A correctly configured firewall allows authorized users to access inbound and outbound ‎data and blocks data access by unauthorized users.‎ ‎

‎A correctly configured firewall can block the IP depending on certain parameters, which ‎include too many links, failed login requests, port scan, and other malicious activities, ‎which are configured in the firewall.

These are just a handful of the many safeguards ‎INVESICS ‎ employ when it comes to firewall security.

Risks of misconfigurations

According to recent research by Gartner, 99% of firewall breaches would be from ‎misconfigurations in coming years.‎

‎1.‎ Compliance violations

2.Broad policy configuration ‎

‎3.‎ ‎ Risky rogue services

‎4.Non-standard authentication mechanisms

‎5.Log outputs from security devices

Procedure of the testing by INVESICS


Such testing aims to determine the security of the whole network concerning the ‎probability of remote access from external location.‎


During a firewall test, INVESICS's security experts, try to hack into the target firewall ‎device from an external location on the network, which most often is the Internet. The ‎testing techniques used are the attacks performed by actual network intruders.‎

Certain tools like NMAP, TCPDUMP, etc., are very helpful in the process of testing.‎

After the testing report is generated.‎


The report is then explained to the client and discussed. If they request a retest, we will ‎present them with a few options and the retest will be completed.‎

If necessary, INVESICS offers post-retest consulting. The organization's most pressing ‎need is customer satisfaction.‎

Some questions which a firewall tester should answer:-‎

Update the server regularly and patch the latest security updates. FIREWALL can't help vulnerable system