Best Internet Of Things Security Audit

Why Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for the Internet Of Things ?

IoT devices often lack built-in security controls, a situation which creates risks and threats for federal agencies and consumers. As IoT devices proliferate, it is important for manufacturers to provide secure and safe devices. Both can be used to mitigate risks related to IoT devices.

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Why Industry is a target for cybercrime (Business Risks)‎

The IoT doesn’t rely on human intervention to function. With the IoT, communicate, analyze, and act on information, offering new ways for technology, media and telecommunications businesses to create value—whether that’s creating entirely new businesses and revenue streams or delivering a more efficient experience for consumers.

The broad range of connectable home devices—TVs, home thermostats, door locks, home alarms, smart home hubs, garage door openers, to name a few—creates a myriad of connection points for hackers to gain entry into IoT ecosystems, access customer information, or even penetrate manufacturers’ back-end systems.

Cybersecurity in Internet Of Things is a priority.

How Industry is targeted (Technical Threats)‎

IoT security is critical largely because of the expanded attack surface of threats that have already been plaguing networks. Adding to these threats are insecure practices among users and organizations who may not have the resources or the knowledge to best protect their IoT ecosystems.

The challenges Industry is facing

Top tips for securing Internet Of Things

Assume Every IoT Device Needs Configuring.

Know your Devices.

Require Strong Login Credentials.

Use End-to-End Encryption.

Make Sure to Update the Device.

Disable Features You Don't Need.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi.

Build a Guest Network.

How cybersecurity can help against cybercrimes


Change default router settings


Disconnect IoT devices when they are not needed


Pick a strong password and do not overuse it


Avoid using Universal Plug and Play


Keep your software, firmware updated

Despite the weaknesses, the Internet Of Things has numerous chances to ‎strengthen its cybersecurity, Consult us to learn more