Cyber Security Services

In the current era of digital war, no applications are secure. Competitors use various ways to harm business of others through the digital media. Generally these attacks are "Application based" or "Network Based" or "Cloud based".

Our 360 degree approach helps our clients to harden the security and to stop possible Business loss, Customer loss or Reputation Loss due to malicious intentions of evil hackers. Our experts use Manual Testing approach - which can find bugs that tools can't.

Expert Solutions:

IOT Security

Our manual testing approach helps secure iOT solutions from Firmware security to hardware security.

SCADA Security

Our qualified resources helps making SCADA environment secure from Cyber attacks and pentest the SCADA Network as well as help making robust netowrk at implementation.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA-PT) Services:

IP/Network Pentesting

Our experience of pentesting 100+ IPs externally and internally helps organization to make their Application safe.

Web Application Pentesting

We have expertise in detecting code based vulnerabilities and Network based vulnerabilities to make Web application safe from Cyber Attacks.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Our Static and Dynamic App Analysis approach helps in detecting vulnerabilities from Mobile Apps and make them Secure.

Cloud Pentesting

Most of the Web Applications are moving towards Cloud technology and we ensure to provide safety of "data at rest" and "data at transist" in virtual cloud environment.

Cyber Security Solutions:

Secure Code Review

This is a process to manually review the code to detect potential loopholes existing in the code leading to a vulnerable application or product.

Network Security Designing

We audit and assess IT Networks for design, Security and Scalability.

Firewall Configuration Audit

We audit Firewall configurations and analyse your previous problems and provide a solution that ensure firewall configuration is compliant with the security standards.

Secure SDLC (Secure Development)

Secure coding is the practice where our trained developers are taking care of security aspects from first line of code itself.

Security Audits:

ISO 27001



I.T Audit for I.T Infrastructure