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1.8 Million owners having Business on digital application needs security.

Significant of them not having Web App | Mobile App | Network Security. They need partners like you to become Cyber Secure.

Become a value-added Partner with no set-up required. no investment. competitive benefits.

Now every businesses are converting their USP to digitization and more risks are developeing of Cyber Attacks. Being established player into the segment, you can take advantage of delivering Whitelabled Cyber Security Solutions to your customers with our robust support. It will not only make you differ from your competitiors but also gives your customers the "Feeling of Security" in your services.

Security Penetration (Testing) services are the core part of any Digital asset. You can add the phase of "Security Testing" at the "Developement Phase" OR the "UAT or Pre-Production" phase OR even after live: testing Phase. Our Security Engineers will take care of all security loopholes with help of standard tools and manual techniques and submits you descriptive report - what to fix and how. This way you can deliver your customers a secure product.

By adding sense of Security in your services, you will not only increase #TRUST of your customers but also add value to your services in era of competition. Our Whitelabled solutions helps you to either get more projects of your relevant domains but also helps you to create whole new verticle within your organization of Security Testing. By Joining hands togather, we can jointly serve Security to IT Industry.

Our Qualified and Experienced Cyber Security Engineers will take care of everything starts from Requirement gathering to analysis to delivery to client explaination - that is also with your name. In a way, you do not need to worry about technical process and just can focus on sales.

Exclusive Partners

Expert Solutions:

IOT Security

Our manual testing approach helps secure iOT solutions from Firmware security to hardware security.

SCADA Security

Our qualified resources helps making SCADA environment secure from Cyber attacks and pentest the SCADA Network as well as help making robust netowrk at implementation.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA-PT) Services:

IP/Network Pentesting

Our experience of pentesting 100+ IPs externally and internally helps organization to make their Application safe.

Web Application Pentesting

We have expertise in detecting code based vulnerabilities and Network based vulnerabilities to make Web application safe from Cyber Attacks.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Our Static and Dynamic App Analysis approach helps in detecting vulnerabilities from Mobile Apps and make them Secure.

Cloud Pentesting

Most of the Web Applications are moving towards Cloud technology and we ensure to provide safety of "data at rest" and "data at transist" in virtual cloud environment.

Cyber Security Solutions:

Secure Code Review

This is a process to manually review the code to detect potential loopholes existing in the code leading to a vulnerable application or product.

Network Security Designing

We audit and assess IT Networks for design, Security and Scalability.

Firewall Configuration Audit

We audit Firewall configurations and analyse your previous problems and provide a solution that ensure firewall configuration is compliant with the security standards.

Secure SDLC (Secure Development)

Secure coding is the practice where our trained developers are taking care of security aspects from first line of code itself.

Security Audits:

ISO 27001



I.T Audit for I.T Infrastructure

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