Best Critical Infrastructure Security Audit

Why Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for the Critical Infrastructure ?

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and Distributed Control ‎Systems (DCS), which unfortunately have been subject to a growing number of ‎attacks in recent years. As they deliver vital services to critical infrastructure, such ‎as communications, manufacturing and energy among others, hostile intruders ‎mounting attacks represent a serious threat to the day to day running of nation ‎states.‎

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Why Industry is a target for cybercrime (Business Risks)‎

Cyber criminals only require a few expenses beyond a computer and an Internet ‎connection. They are unconstrained by geography and distance. They are difficult to ‎identify and prosecute due to anonymous nature of the Internet.‎

Give attacks against information technology systems are very attractive, it is ‎expected that the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks will keep growing.‎

Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure is a priority.

How Industry is targeted (Technical Threats)‎

The most high-profile example of a cyber-attack against critical infrastructure is the ‎Stuxnet computer virus. The worm, which targeted PLCs, disrupted the Iranian ‎nuclear program by damaging centrifuges used to separate nuclear material.

The challenges Industry is facing

Top tips for securing Critical Infrastructure

Regulation And Industry Compliance

Operational Network Isolation

Large-Scale Bottleneck of File Sanitization

Security Tools


Update and Apply Patches of All Software

How cybersecurity can help against cybercrimes


Foster a culture of cybersecurity


Implement cyber hygiene best practices


Invest in both digital and physical security


Promote clear communication and clarify leadership


Audit devices, assets and other network components

Despite the weaknesses, the critical infrastructure has numerous chances to ‎strengthen its cybersecurity, Consult us to learn more