Cybercrime can be stated as e-crime, computer crime or hi-tech crime, which refers to any criminal activity where computer or network is either the source, place, tool or target.

The concept of Security prevails on the three things respectively,

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Response

Majorly todays computer security comprises of "Preventive" measures, however relatively there are few organizations that have effective detection systems and very few who have organized response mechanisms in place. Although, there are difficulties faced while responding to security breaches due to multiple factors that include_

  • Identification of attackers
  • Different Jurisdiction issues
  • Huge number of attempted attacks
  • Unaware law enforcement officers about IT and its security factor

Services offered- ... but not limited to,


  • IP/Network
  • Mobile
  • Web Application
  • Cloud

Security Solutions

  • Secure Coding
  • Firewall Configuration Audit
  • Network Security Designing
  • Secure SDLC

Security Audits

  • ISO 27001

IT Audit for IT Infrastructure

SCADA Security

IOT Security

  1. This is a Massachusetts-based retailing company. The owner of TJ Maxx and Marshalls, was one of the many retailer companies hacked by Albert Gonzales. The team of hackers were from Shadow crew. This was the tenth biggest cybercrime in the history. This group could siphon 45 million credit and debit card information. They used these huge amounts for buying electronic goods and many other things of their professional use.
  2. Next biggest and worst cybercrime of the history is done by Sven Jaschan. Basically, he was a German college student who confessed later as the author of Netsky worms and Sasser computer worms. He unleashed a virus in 2004 on his 18th birthday. This was a very dangerous kind of virus that has resounding effects all around the world. The estimated damage was about $500 million dollars. The experts believed that it could have been more as it disabled the Delta Air Lines' computer system. He was really very talented but he used his talent in a wrong way. After his crimes Microsoft placed a huge amount of $250,000 bounty on his head. Later, he was captured after a three-month manhunt operation. So, with this damage we have him at ninth place in the list.
  3. Michael Demon Calce is very famous in the field of cybercrime. He is from West Island. In the year 2000, he hacked the systems of some companies with high security system. After that incident, he became famous in the world of cybercrime. He used his remarkable talent on different websites and systems with estimated damages of $1.2 billion dollars. He did all this in a very young age.
  4. Seventh in the list is another biggest cybercrime of the history. During the year 2008 presidency run, a group of suspected hackers from China or Russia attacked the computer systems used in the campaigns of both Barrack Obama and John McCain. This hacking includes emails and other sensitive data used in the campaign. This group of hackers was also very active and talented.
  5. A step ahead in the list we have another big cybercrime of history. In the year 2011, 77 million of PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment accounts with credit and debit cards information were stolen by an unknown group of cyber hackers. In a result of this hacking an estimated damage at $1 to $2 billion dollars was reported. This was a long-term attack and the system taken a lot of time in recovery.
  6. Fifth in the list is a cybercrime which is also known as The Estonian Cyberwar. This attack was a very dangerous and powerful attack and a largest one. The group of hackers used different techniques and ways to hack the systems. In a result of this attack the government of Estonia was subjected to cyber terrorism on April 27, 2007. Their method was a difficult and complicated.
  7. Next in the list is also one of the biggest and costliest cyber-attacks in history. In a result of this hacking the data breach in Epsilon which is the world's largest provider of marketing and handling services has an estimated damage cost that ranged from $225 million to $4 billion dollars. Though the targets of the hackers were email addresses that they can use for their criminal activities. This is the fourth biggest cybercrime in history.
  8. This is one of the earliest forms of major infiltration where a group of hackers penetrated American computer systems at will. This was an accidental discovery which was made by the US officials and was believed to be conceived by the Russians although they denied their involvement. In this big cyber-attack, the hackers targeted military maps and schematics. This was a different kind of cybercrime which aims to steal different documents and data, but not the money.
  9. The second top in the list is a cybercrime of the year 2004. Shawn Carpenter discovered a series of coordinated 'cyber raids', in what the FBI believed to originated from government-supported cells in China. This crime is ranked as the second largest cyber-attack or crime in the history of world just before The Original Logic Bomb.
  10. At the top of the list we have the biggest cybercrime of the history which is known as The Original Logic Bomb. During the cold war in the year 1982 CIA found a way to disrupt the operation of a Siberian gas pipeline of Russia without using traditional explosive devices like missiles or bombs. This trick was named as logic bomb and this is considered the biggest cyber-attack or crime ever.
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